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June 3, 2008

If you’re using Firefox 3, try out this extension. I call it cScore. I don’t like having to switch tabs while on firefox if I want to read commentary from, so I made this thing which puts the commentary along the bottom of the browser window, along with the score. Currently it supports

It even includes a GoogleTranslate function if for some reason you want to read CricInfo (etc) commentary in Hindi, or French (Rugbyrama is a french site anyway), or Dutch or even Mandarin.
It’s probably bug-ridden as this is just the initial release, but it’s got no adware or spywayre or anything nasty like that.

( click for larger )

cScore currently only supports those Cricket and Rugby websites at present. Perhaps in later updates I’ll support some other sports. I probably will not be supporting Association Football (soccer) or American sports, but if you know of any score+commentary sites for some other sports or even cricket and rugby, post them here and I’ll look into it. I’d also appreciate suggestions and feedback on this version.

The localisation is not very good. I relied on Google translate for the Hindi, Dutch, French and Mandarin versions. If you’d like to help with translation let me know. Also let me know of cricket and rugby and other sport score+commentary sites in other languages if there are any. Why Hindi, Dutch, French and Mandarin? No real reason apart from cricket is popular with hindi speakers, and rugby is popular with french speakers. The dutch are known to play cricket and mandarin is simply because there’s so many mandarin speakers out there..