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Sometimes you want to paste a URL on a messageboard or email, but it’s too long. So you use a url shortening service, but that adds an extra step to the copying and pasting process. This add-on eliminates that step.

  • Available here. (Doesn’t install automatically – open the file in firefox)
  • If you are a mozilla registered user, also available in the mozilla sandbox. (safer and recommended)

How to use
Right click on a page, link or image and select “Shorten this address”. This will shorten the url of the page, link or image location. Watch the icon near the bottom right hand corner of your browser window to know when the conversion process has started and finished. Once it has finished, you may paste as per normal, and the shortened url will be pasted. The icon can also be click to start a page url conversion. Right-click the icon and select “Options…” to choose your url shortening service.

If you have problems, criticisms, bug reports, post them here!

Cheers, hope you enjoy it!

(I’d really appreciate a review – please include your Operating System name and version and Firefox version, thanks!)


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3 Responses to “ShortStuff”

  1. OnyxRaven Says:

    Not bad – I’d like to see:
    – an indication that the shortened url is available in the clipboard (or an option to get a popup input with it inside)
    – an indication of which url shortener is default (I think it’s backwards right now), maybe as the icon in the statusbar or in the context menu
    – an indication that when you rightclick a link vs rightclick a page area which url you’re shortening (see the other tinyurl extension)
    – option to unshorten urls using pattern matching and a preview service (like, or

  2. OnyxRaven Says:

    Oh – and, i’m on FF3 RC1 on MacOSX and it seems to work swimmingly.

  3. ttechnotes Says:

    Thanks OnyxRaven, I’ll look to implement those suggestions in the Fx3 release. 🙂

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